1. Let Chef Julie Cater Your Next Event

    Whether you’re hosting your sister’s bridal shower, throwing a 50th anniversary party, or just celebrating a family reunion, make your event unforgettable with catering by Chef Julie. Do your friends, family, and invited guests enjoy delicious home cooking? Do you have a number of guests with food allergies or special diets that you must consider? Why not leave the food to the pro, so you can …Read More

  2. How to Throw the Perfect Dinner Party

    For many of us, our first "grown up" dinner party of a sort of rite of passage into adulthood. Instead of red Solo cups, we'll use wine glasses. Instead of ordering pizza, we'll present a beautiful multi-course dinner. If you are thinking it's time for you to take this step into adulthood and throw your first dinner party, our catering services in Norwalk can give you some tips on how to pull it a…Read More

  3. Top Reasons People Hire a Personal Chef for Their Los Angeles Home

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  4. How Our Personal Chef Can Help You Stay Motivated

    If you are setting a goal to somehow improve your health, you should consider hiring a personal chef in Norwalk. That's because a personal chef can help you meet your health goals, whether they are to lose weight, gain muscles, or just improve your overall health. Chef Julie has been helping people meet their personal health goals for years! Learn how she does it. Get Ready to Look and Feel Better…Read More

  5. How to Bring the Best Fresh Produce Into Your Home

    Part of eating a healthy, nutritious meal at home is making sure you are getting a good selection of healthy produce with which to work. Our home chef in Los Angeles has been choosing and preparing the best produce for years, and has great tips that can help you get good produce without all the thumping, sniffing and searching. Follow these tips and you'll have a great selection of beautiful fresh…Read More

  6. How to Help Friends Going Through Tough Times

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  7. How to Cope With a New Food Intolerance

    Getting a food intolerance diagnosis can come as a relief to many people. Finally, you have an answer as to why you've been feeling sluggish, suffered from aches and pains, and maybe even why you've had other issues like skin conditions, migraines, and other health issues. Now that you know what may be causing the issue, you can take steps to avoid it. Sometimes, though, that's easier said than do…Read More

  8. How to Make Them Say “Wow!” On Date Night…At Home!

    A great date night doesn't have to happen far from home. In fact, some of the most romantic dates can take place in your own living room! You'll just need a couple items and the help of our personal chef in Norwalk to make a night at home one to remember. Get Ready for the Perfect Night In Set the Mood When you are staying in for your date night, the key is to make your home feel special and trans…Read More

  9. How to Introduce Kids to Foreign Cuisine

    We're living in a global society! Technology like the internet and our ability to travel the world with relative ease means more and more cultures are interacting on a daily basis. Introducing your children to difference cultures can help prepare them to be good citizens to the world. One of the best ways to introduce new cultures is through their food. However, some kids are pickier than others. …Read More

  10. Why You Need Pro Catering Services for Your Corporate Event

    When it comes to rolling out the red carpet at your corporate event, your goal is to impress. Pulling off a corporate event successfully gives your company a successful, positive reputation. So whether it's a board meeting for 12 or an employee lunch for 30, you need to hire professional catering services in Los Angeles to help you pull it off. Some business owners assume that they can save money …Read More