Personal Chef’s Log, Stardate 0303201.6…(disclaimer: these references will only be understood by mature audiences)
Yep, it’s official! I’m getting old. My daughter bestowed this bit of unsolicited information on me earlier this week. I was listening to some music – Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen to be specific & she observed that I never listen to the radio. I immediately quipped that “today’s music is junk!” The ensuing conversation is one that has occurred countless times over the course of history between moms & teenage daughters. The debate rages on about whose music is better, more meaningful, most original & so on. There’s no winning any debate with a teenager so I just turned the music up & danced circles around my resigned child. Well, I never miss out on an opportunity to tease my teen so I’ve been singing Caribbean Queen almost every time she enters the room. Her perfect ‘teenage angst’ reaction is hilarious! Before my lil joke gets too old, pun intended, I thought of the perfect way to memorialize it.

Tonight’s dinner was Classic Caribbean Comfort. Braised Oxtails & Brown Stew Chicken. Ummm hmmmmm! I paired these delectably savory meats with rice & peas & greens. If you’ve never enjoyed Caribbean cuisine, it’s high time, ya mon! You don’t have to fly to a tropical island…these robust flavors will transport your taste buds to paradise. My daughter expressed her hearty agreement by humming along with me at the dinner table! 🎶We were sharing the same dreamy food 🎶 which made tonight’s dinner the perfect answer to our daily dinner dilemma.