1. Break The Cycle Of Eating Out

    Eating out on a regular basis can easily become routine; in fact, many households eat the majority of their meals out of the home whether that be at work, at school, or at restaurants. If you and your family spend a lot of money and many hours a week seated around restaurant tables, you might consider breaking the cycle of eating out and trying an alternative method to meal planning and preparatio…Read More

  2. Get Stuffed!

    Okay, I am a personal chef. Planning dinner for my family should be a cinch, right? Surely I have an advantage...I create and plan menus for a living. I've got the edge! Sure. Yeah right. To be accurate, I'm on the edge! I can barely think past my own hunger and the clock is ticking. I'd better come up with something before tomorrow gets here. Unfortunately, procrastinating with dinner isn't like …Read More

  3. What’s for dinner?

    "What's for dinner?" How can one question hold so much promise and dread at the same time? Tantalizing prospects of a delicious meal hover just out of reach as we try to decide what to eat...we pass the weighted question from family member to family member and we look at each other with the same solemnly accusing stares. "Why don't YOU decide?" Ah, yes. Another question. "What do you feel like eat…Read More