Planning an event can be stressful! Whether it’s a wedding, a fundraising banquet, or dinner for the executives, there are more details that go into event planning than you might realize. Even experienced event planners still get stressed out from time to time! If you are planning an event and feeling swamped by the details that need your attention, our professional chef has some tips to take the stress out of planning your next event.

How To Plan an Event…
Without the Stress

Delegate as Much as Possible

This might be the most important tip when it comes to planning an event! Recruit help and play to people’s strengths. Have a crafty friend? Put them to work on making the invitations and table decorations. Have a friend that’s gifted in the area of organization? That’s exactly who you want to be in charge of managing your RSVP’s. Take on what you can and hand off the rest. Remember not to micromanage what’s been delegated; once you’ve handed off a task, trust your delegated person to handle it. Of course it’s okay to check in on their progress and make sure everything is on track occasionally, though!

professional chef los angelesHire Professional Help When Appropriate

Have you ever cooked dinner for 10 people? Probably not. Don’t add to your stress by taking on a job that would be better handled by a professional. Save yourself the hassle and the headaches by hiring catering services in Norwalk for the food. You might benefit from other professional services depending on the needs of your event, such as a professional DJ to handle the music or a bartender to tend the bar. In many cases, it’s cheaper to hire a professional than it is to purchase your own equipment or spend your time with set-up and tear down.

Take a Deep Breath and Have Funcatering services norwalk

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in planning an event that you can easily forget to actually enjoy it! Remind yourself to pause and take in the joy of the event. It’s hard for people to enjoy your event if they see you are stressed out about it. That’s why having plenty of help from both friends and professionals can be so beneficial. The more fun you are having, the more fun your guests will be having, too!

If you are planning an event in the Norwalk area soon, we have the catering services you need to ensure a worry-free and delicious spread at your event. Get in touch with our professional chef for a consultation about your event!