For many of us, our first “grown up” dinner party of a sort of rite of passage into adulthood. Instead of red Solo cups, we’ll use wine glasses. Instead of ordering pizza, we’ll present a beautiful multi-course dinner. If you are thinking it’s time for you to take this step into adulthood and throw your first dinner party, our catering services in Norwalk can give you some tips on how to pull it all off perfectly.

Get Ready to Wow Your Guests

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We’re not just saying this because Julie’s Home Cooking is a catering service in Norwalk. We’ve seen the difference this can make in your dinner party! You’ll be more relaxed, won’t have to worry about getting food prepared on time and to suit everyone’s dietary restrictions, and everyone will be able to enjoy the party more because they are enjoying the food and your company. Plus, Chef Julie will clean up when she’s done, so you’ll eliminate a lot of the post-party hassle.

Mix Up the Seating

The right seating chart can make or break your dinner party. There are a few things you can do to make sure that everyone is comfortable while the conversation continues to flow:

  • Seat couples across from each other. This allows them to talk to one another while still engaging the people to the left and right of them. That’s far more than they’ll be able to comfortably speak to if seated next to each other.
  • Try to seat people next to someone they know and someone they may don’t know quite as well. It makes for a much more interesting dinner party when people are able to meet someone new and discover something they didn’t know before.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t stress yourself. Don’t let the seating chart drive you crazy; if you can’t make the perfect seating chart for your dinner party, people will still love a night out eating delicious food, sipping wine, and chatting with their friends.

Background Music Does Wonderscatering service in norwalk

Background music can do a lot for a dinner party! When the first few people show up, it fills the silence as people get to know each other. It makes it less awkward when everyone dives into their plates of food, too. Go for something that doesn’t have words to it, as this can distract from the conversation. Movie soundtracks, jazz, and classical are all great choices and can help set the mood.

Apart from this, the perfect dinner party is simply inviting interesting people, dimming the lights a bit, and letting it all unfold. When you have delicious food from our catering services in Norwalk and the sparkling wit of all of your favorite friends, it should be a night to remember. If you’d like to have Chef Julie come and help you pull it all off, give her a call or contact her through the website to arrange for a free catering consultation. She’d love to help you make your first dinner party a total success!