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If you’ve ever watched any of the competitive cooking shows on the Food Network, then you already know that chefs aren’t only concerned with the quality and taste of the food they bring to the table; they’re also concerned with the presentation. Chefs take their time in plating their meals just as they do in cooking them to ensure a neat, great looking dish that simply demands to be eaten. Unless the head cook in your household is also a chef, you likely only ever get to “eat with your eyes” when you go out to eat. The chefs at restaurants, after all, want their food to look just as good as it tastes and are expected to prove it. Now, you can experience all of the benefits of great looking meals in the comfort of your own home with Julie’s Homecooking Personal Chef Service.

With almost 20 years of restaurant experience, Chef Julie knows food, and she knows good service. Chef Julie’s specialty is healthy comfort food, so you’ll be enjoying delicious meals that don’t make you feel guilty for eating them, all while appreciating the clean presentation of the food. Do you lack the energy, time, or knowledge base to cook delicious, healthy meals for your family? Click through the images below to view some of Chef Julie’s yummy food.

Still not sold on the idea of hiring a chef to cook at home? Consider these benefits of hiring a personal chef, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.