Warmest welcome! My name is Julie, and I want to be your chef at home. As a personal chef, two of my greatest passions in life are food and serving others. For the past 19 years, I have had the privilege of serving my community as a restaurateur in Downey, California. My experience has blessed me in so many ways. The demands and responsibilities of operating my restaurant for nearly 20 years have given me the opportunity to truly find my niche and embrace my calling. Every aspect of the restaurant business has promoted personal growth, commitment, and integrity; I find immeasurable joy in cooking and building relationships with people. Now, I’m dedicated to bringing my experience, passion, and creativity to your home. All of my recipes are seasoned with love, and each ingredient carries a bit of nostalgia from my time in the kitchen with my Big Mama. She prepared a broad array of dishes for her big household, and I used to shadow her as she skillfully made mouthwatering meals in the tradition of her Southern roots. This rich history of food and family is the foundation for my calling and for Julie’s Homecooking Personal Chef Service.

I am the proud Mommy of two exceptional children. Tim’an is a sophomore in college, and Juelle is a freshman in high school. Faith and family are the most important elements in my life! I am blessed to recognize the richness found in both, and it is my honor to serve you. I hope that I can inspire my children to show love by doing more for others so they too can discover the true joy of a life well lived.

With love,
Chef Julie