A Consultation With Your Personal Chef

When you hire a chef, he or she must first get to know you, so our initial meeting is an opportunity for me to learn more about you and your family, the types of food you like or dislike, and any possible dietary or allergenic restrictions. We’ll discuss which type of service would best suit your schedule and budget. This initial assessment will provide me with the valuable information necessary to make delicious meals you and your family will love. We’ll talk about how often you would like the service and how much food will be appropriate. I’m able to come every week for a fresh service or less often and provide fresh-frozen meals. Please note that I would be delighted to meet your family in person for this consultation (an added benefit is the opportunity to familiarize myself with your kitchen); however, I am happy to consult over the phone or via email if it is more convenient for you.

When you choose to move forward, we will make arrangements for the cook date, which include entry and exit instructions to your home.

Menu Planning

After our initial meeting, I will create a menu based on your preferences and email them to you for approval.  You can also refer me to special recipes, family favorites, or something new you read in a cookbook or on a website. As a home chef, I love to accommodate special requests whenever possible!

The Cook Date

I will shop for all the essential groceries the day of your service, choosing the freshest produce and highest quality ingredients available within our budget. I’ll come to your home with my equipment and supplies, prepare your meals, package and label them, leave them neatly in your fridge or freezer, and do all the cleanup. The only thing left to do is follow the heating instructions and enjoy your delicious home-cooked food!