As a foodie, I know how difficult it can be to eat healthy! With so many processed foods “conveniently” within our reach, it’s nearly impossible to make healthy decisions. For larger families, the challenges multiply as any special dietary need gets overruled by the majority preference. One looming issue is that as we choose convenience over health, we overlook the truth that in the long run we only inconvenience our bodies as we develop chronic conditions, allergies, weight problems, and disease. I have personally experienced the feelings of guilt as I sacrificed my overall wellness on pizza night (I’m gluten sensitive), and I’ve also been totally bummed when I was excluded (self-exiled) from partaking in my family’s food fun because of a diet restriction. Because of this, I decided to challenge my culinary and creative passions by seeking out and creating deliciously flavorful recipes that adhere to any special dietary need.

Your Personal Chef Does Diet Restrictions.

Are you on a low-carb diet? Do you have a medical restriction? Allergies? Do you simply want to eat healthier? My personal chef service is perfect for you! Whatever your special dietary need may be, I am passionately committed to your health. As your home chef, I will tailor recipes to suit the strictest of plans and keep your taste buds singing. Who knows? Maybe your family will be trying to sneak bites of your meal instead of the other way around.