Real Soul food

“This place is the ONLY place I know of where you can get real Southern or as some call it…Soul Food in the area.
They stick to old ways of seasoning and cooking to impart great flavor and tastes into the food.
I had worked a 14 hour day and was on my way home from LAX. I was hungry and driving by all the fast food places and diners….nothing looked like it would hit home. I remembered R J’s and drove over. I walked in and I knew it was the correct place to have a satisfying meal.
I ordered the 2 chicken wings with 3 pieces of Catfish, black eyed peas and a side of fried okra. OMG…the okra was unbelievable. Crunchy and bursting with flavor. The chicken was battered to perfection as was the catfish. I ate less than half and brought the rest home. It was GONE….less than 5 minutes after I set it down.
The place is comfortable and casual but people come in wearing suites and dresses. Relax…you can be in shorts and not feel out of place!
If you are looking for Great Southern cooking look no further. The owner is always there and she is great!!! Personality and a Smile to make anyone feel right at home!”

Alan S. Cerritos CA