Smothered fried chicken – BOMB!

“Yummmmooo! Went here for the first time today, as evidenced by the fact that I tried to walk-thru the DRIVE thru! Dork! But they forgave me and invited me inside to place my order. That brings me to the friendly, helpful service I received. The lady who invited me to come inside instead of standing at the drive-thru window was so courteous and informative about the menu options and her recommendations. I also couldn’t help but notice how stunningly pretty she is. But, she probably gets that a lot! Annnyyywaayss, I got the smothered fried chicken – BOMB!!! It came with two sides so I chose greens and dressing with gravy. The greens were very good and not overly seasoned -score! The dressing is very oystery so if you’re not a fan of the oyster, pick a different side. I enjoyed it since my momma used to add oysters to hers too. I also added a side of yams -standard, canned, sugary goodness. And the lovely, helpful lady tipped me off that as a Yelper I could check in and get a FREE side! Hollah! I chose potato salad and was pleased to find it homemade, though it could have used a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of relish for my taste. Overall, for soul food without a drive all the way into L.A., I will definitely be back! They also have healthy options like grilled fish. I chose to add peach cobbler for dessert to my ginormous three-sitting take out feast, and having snuck a bit already, let me just say -SLAP YO MOMMA!!! Oh yesss!! So, walk…er…DRIVE thru soon! LOL. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! Of course you can dine in too. T.V.s on the wall and classic R&B music playin’ will add to your dining fun.”

Micki W. Whittier, CA